This season of life


I’m at a time in my life where there seems to be many unknowns. Recently, I made a big decision about culinary school. When I started school again in January, after having Harper five months earlier, it became obvious school wasn’t the right place for me at the time. I’m not completely writing school off, but I’m done for now at least. This was a hard choice, mainly because it meant I didn’t have a clue what was next for me. Also, becoming a mom has changed everything as well. I desire to stay home with Harper, but I also desire to have “me” time and keep growing who I am and want to be. Becoming a mom and leaving school has been a big change in my daily routine. One of the biggest changes is what my daily conversations look like now. I’m talking to a little person who doesn’t really “talk” back. It’s a lot of “do you want cereal…smile…yes, okay.” Which can make for some long days and word vomit the minute Jon walks in the door. Because of this change, some days are super lonely and dark, and I question every decision I’ve made. But, other days I am able to see God at work in my life. On these days, I have peace with what He is doing, and I believe He is going to use these changes to bring Him honor in some way, even if I don’t see how yet. During my quiet time this past week, I read this verse…

For it is light that makes everything visible. This is why it is said:

“Wake up, O sleeper,

rise from the dead,

and Christ will shine on you.” 

Eph 5:14

This verse encouraged me to get up and do something, even if I’m not sure what that “something” is. Living in the present and taking care of my family and myself, keeping myself available to what God has next for me. During these times of uncertainty I find myself missing my mom and wishing I could call her and talk to her about everything. Since that isn’t possible I usually thank God for the time I had with her and ask him to give her a hug for me and tell her I love her. My heart still aches when I pray this prayer but I am comforted and encouraged by his love. With my heart and head focused on Him I know I am on the right path, wherever that may lead me.


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6 thoughts on “This season of life

  1. Whitney, as I read your post today, I am reminded of many years ago in a similar position. We moved three weeks before our first child was born to a new state and further yet from family. I left a great job as a counselor and stayed home in the flat lands of NW Ohio. Those days were wonderful taking care of an my new love but I also craved adult companionship. We were active in a local small church but finding couples in our position was hard. I joined a Newcomer’s Club and found it met many of my needs as a women seeking “Biddy” time. The club offered many opportunities to learn new hobbies, book clubs, cooking and social time with our husbands on occasion. I learned to play bridge and enjoyed twice a month playing in a group members home and getting to know seven other women pretty well. It made life interesting and provided me with opportunities in the community to let my light shine. I was able to swap child care for a few hours weekly as well. I will pray for direction for you that will provide a new dimension in your life.

    • Biddy, thank you so much for sharing this! It is always encouraging to hear about others who were in he same position and overcame it! I am currently looking for a group of women to do just the same thing! :)

  2. Carol says:

    I well remember being in that place, too!! There was one day (when I had an infant, a 2 yo and a 4 yo that was still having some accidents) that when Brian came home from work, I fell apart, crying that my whole life revolved around poop! Now it makes me laugh, but sometimes those days of constant care of little ones can get pretty dark.
    Biddy’s idea is great! I also found a neighbor that I traded “skills” with– she wanted to learn some Russian, and I wanted to learn to play guitar, so we got together for a couple of hours each week to teach each other. I’ve done that with a few people over the years and have learned to crochet, can and freeze my garden produce, and a few other skills that have become cherished activities. I hope you find some girl time soon! <3

  3. Zach Gembis says:

    Maybe you should cook your way through a cookbook, say, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”, and write a blog about your experiences. Might be a hit…..

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