TJ’s Cinnamon Broom Turned Wreath

The last few months I’ve been looking for a wreath for the front door of our apartment but they tend to be on the pricey side. Non-functional items like this usually fall pretty low on the totem pole when it comes to our budget. After reading the Nester’s post about her Wreath board on Pinterest the wheels started spinning and I started digging through my hoard of craft things (yes hoard…it may be an issue, but thats another post.)  My mind immediately went to a bunch of cross stitch hoops I had purchase from Salvation Army for a few bucks. I grabbed one about the size I had been looking for in a wreath.  As I walked through my apartment finding things to use, I saw it! Sitting in my hallway was my cinnamon broom from Trader Joes. I immediately knew I had to use it! Destined for the dumpster soon anyway, I had nothing to lose. I love the opportunity to reuse something that would otherwise be sent off to the landfill. Plus there was still a faint smell of cinnamon left which would be a lovely ‘hello’ every time I walk through my door. Below is the brief tutorial of how I changed the broom into a wreath! Sorry for the cruddy iPhone pictures, it was all I had at the time to snap pic’s. You do what you can when your little one could wake up at any moment! :)


Step 1. Gather your supplies and soak the broom. This will make it easier to bend and shape to your embroidery hoop. IMG_1896

Step 2. After soaking for 20-30 minutes take your broom apart, keeping all the little parts for later use.

Take apart handle IMG_1895

Step 3. Start to place the twigs on the embroidery hoop and fasten with twine or hot glue if you have it. I didn’t have any but I think it would have been helpful. Keep going till you get the whole hoop covered on one side.


Step 4. At this point I looked and it and thought, “its hideous! I can’t hang this on my door!” But I decided to keep going. I started to add small twigs all over to get rid of the pointy edges. I also used a pair of kitchen shears to cut away any overlap that wasn’t needed.


Step 5. Add any decorative pieces you’d like. I made tissue paper flowers with these simple DIY instructions.


Step 6. Hang it and admire your work!



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One thought on “TJ’s Cinnamon Broom Turned Wreath

  1. Lysa says:

    Because of soaking the cinnamon broom does it lose all of the scent?

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