Fall House Guests

Next weekend my best friend and her husband will be coming to stay with us. This is only the second time having company since Harper was born. I am so excited for them to be here but I also tend to stress about company. I want everything to be perfect, which leads to a lot of unneeded anxiety instead of an enjoyable and relaxing time. The last few years I’ve been following the blogs The Nester and The Reluctant Entertainer. Both encourage entertaining without the pressure of perfection. I’ve been learning that it’s okay if you live in a small space, which when you rent in Chicago that’s what you get on a modest budget. :) I’ve also come to realize that the people coming over are coming to see me and my family and connect, not examine my home and tell me all that’s wrong with it. It’s funny to me how quickly I become critical of my space and how easy it is to become discontent with my home and belongings. I am trying to be more conscious of these thoughts and be thankful for what God has blessed me and my family with. As I prepare for them to come I’ve decided on a few things that are priorities for their visit.

1. Find easy, yet comforting meals to serve. Like this.

2. Purchase a yummy scented candle to fill my home with the scent of fall.

3. Find the air mattress and wash the sheets for it.

4. Clear all clutter from the room they will stay in to create a relaxing atmosphere for their visit.

All of these things are simple and quick, yet I feel they will have the greatest impact for me and our guests. I am so looking forward to connecting with great friends!

What do you do to prepare for company? Leave me a comment I’d love to know!



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