Favorite Things Friday!

I have been inspired by some of the blogs I read to do posts on some of my favorite things. Whether it is a recipe, a bag, candle, nail polish, fun accessories, etc.  I feel like my favorite things change on a weekly basis, sometimes even daily if you ask my husband! So I would love to share what I am currently crushing on and hopefully in the near future I will get my Hubs on here to share some of his favorite things as well!

1. Autumn in New England by David Huntsinger. This a great CD, my mom used to play the cassette all the time when I was growing up so hearing this CD makes me think of when I was young and always makes me smile. It also makes me think of the clean crisp fall air in Michigan.

2. I found this great journal on ModCloth.  It would look great out on your desk or nightstand.

3. This fabulous Coach purse would be great for all seasons and outfits with it’s great neutral color.

4. Another fun find on Modcloth were these adorable tea towels with retro bikes on them! I would love these for my kitchen! These would also make a cute housewarming gift!

5. I have been looking for a new bed for our dog and I think this one by Molly Mutt is it! All I have to do is get the Hubs on board and I am set! :D

6. And last but certainly not least EOS! This product is literally the only one I will use for my lips. It is the one product I’ve found that actually moisturizes my lips and doesn’t leave them feeling dry only a half hour after I’ve used it.

So did you discover a new love this week, are you willing to share with all of us!?!



One thought on “Favorite Things Friday!

  1. Deb says:

    Love these (even the dog bed, which by the way would make a great floor pillow!)!!

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