So on one of my many Craigslist scavenger hunts I happened upon this fantastic Ikea Credenza. I knew how much we had to spend at the moment so I sent in my offer. Never thinking I was going to get it since I was offering less than a quarter of the retail price. Then the text came, I GOT IT!! I was so excited I might have giggled or screamed…just a little!

All of you out there who are Craigslist junkies like myself know the excitement I’m talking about! We got it home and it fit perfectly into our little closet of an apartment here in San Francisco.

Although I love the piece it’s still screams Ikea so I wanted to personalize it a bit with a couple quick changes. First I’d like to change the small knobs to something with a little more character, and the part I’m most excited about is adding casters!! Right now the legs look like this…

Yes they leave a lot to be desired! I have been finding tons of inspiration on Pinterest. Here are a couple of my inspiration pieces.

I will keep you posted on my progress!

Do you have any projects your working on? Feel free to comment and show us what your up to!



2 thoughts on “Credenza

  1. Arlene Campbell says:

    I love the credenza! I agree it would look really nice with some type of casters. I wonder if you could find some type of track to hold the cords on the back of the credenza?

  2. Love this idea! We saw casters that this at the Salvage store by us. Not very expensive. You should see if there’s one in your area.

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